Working With Others (WWO)

Working With Others (WWO)

In September 2014, Colgate Primary School officially became a 'Working With Others' partnership school working with Dr Cathy Ota to develop the WWO initiative. In June 2016, the school was awarded Silver accreditation and in July 2018, we achieved Gold accreditation! 

WWO is a collaborative learning approach which supports the development of skills in building positive relations and ways of successfully working with other people especially in groups. WWO is well known to many schools in West Sussex, with a 14 year track record of successful impact in learning in the early years and across the primary school phase. 

The whole staff team continues to undertake regular training to enhance their own knowledge and skills and WWO activities are planned into everyday learning for the children to continue their own developmental journeys.  

This is an exciting programme to be involved with and has proven impact on children's independence, confidence, achievement and learning itself. 
The WWO approach also closely matches our own School Values and Skills set. The attached table shows the focus skills and values for each term. These are taught across the school.  

You can learn more about our WWO journey on the official Working With Others partnership page.
Mrs Winn is part of the Accreditation Committee which will evaluate WWO accreditation applications. Please click  here. for more information.