Geography at Colgate

Our Curriculum Intent


At Colgate, our children will gain an understanding of how important it is to know about the world we live in, the people in it and where we belong within it. We will ensure children gain an understanding of human and physical geography, whilst teaching children key skills through a range of experiences. We will use our outdoor environment to foster children’s curiosity. Our children, will gain a deep understanding of the earth’s physical and human processes, whilst understanding the impact these have on natural and human environments. We will teach children to investigate, explore, question, compare and contrast, reason and make judgements. The children will understand how the world has become more connected overtime and how this may grow as they grow. 


At Colgate, we will celebrate how diverse our world is, we will learn about different countries, customs and the people within those countries. Our children will develop the skills to question and investigate different environments, whilst making comparisons between different locations in the world. At Colgate, we will look at the diversity of people and places within the local community, the wider community and the world.


At Colgate, our children will understand the impact our geographical location can have on our local community and the impact physical processes have on local and wider communities. Our children, will understand the connection between human and physical geography and the impacts on people. They will gain an understanding of what it is like to live in a more globally connected world. At Colgate, children will be present in our local community, taking part in field work studies and engaging with the community to enquire about the environment around them.


Please note our curriculum colour, to support the children's learning in geography is green.