Welcome to Maple Class
Summer Term 2023

Beside the seaside
 Can you drink the sea?
At the beginning of the term we will be sharing a text titled 'The Queen on our corner' by  Lucy Christopher. This story will help the children to further  understand  our golden threads of Commnuity, growth and diversity.  Talk  around homelessness and kindness will be  at the centre of discussions with the class. 
Our themed learning for the remainder of the term will be focused around the seaside. As Geograhphers and historians the children will learn about the differences between coastal areas and Colgate village. They will also learn about changes over time; learning how people took their holidays and the clothes they wore in the past.
As designers  and artists the children will be learning  to sew and to sculpt sea creatures. 
Below you will find a PowerPoint explaining how we learn in Maple Class as well as our learning journey plans for further information. 
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Mrs Forrest,  Mrs Burton and Mrs Hilder
We have enjoyed attending Woodland activities last term too. We go once every half term so that we can experience every season and observe the changes that occur throughout the year.