Welcome to Maple Class
Spring Term 2023

You are what you eat!
 What is on your plate?
At the beginning of the term we will be sharing a text by Kobi Yamada entitled 'Trying' which will help the children to understand the idea of personal growth.   This will aid discussions around the question of  how will you know what is possible if you don't try?
Our themed learning for the remainder of the term will be about food from around the world.  As geographers we will locate and  learn about the features of these places. We will also be learning how explorers from the past brought us new foods such as pineapples. 
As designers we will be learning about the differences between fruits and vegetables. We will be using what we learn to design a healthy smoothie.  
As artists Maple Class will be inspired by the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldi. The children will use their sketching and painting skills to produce food inspired art. 
Below you will find a PowerPoint explaining how we learn in Maple Class as well as our learning journey plans for further information. 
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Mrs Forrest,  Mrs Burton and Mrs Hilder
We have enjoyed attending Woodland activities last term too. We go once every half term so that we can experience every season and observe the changes that occur throughout the year.