Our Vision

Our Vision and our Values

Our Vision
Working together to be our best
  • We will be the school of choice for families and children in our catchment area.
  • We seek to appeal to a wide demography, and can be recognized for having nurturing, inclusive relationships with our families.
  • Every child entrusted to our care will be inspired to love learning and grow to reach their potential so that they enjoy their own academic progress. They will feel secure in their learning and development.
  • We provide the best possible education where all children maximise their individual progress in reading, writing and numeracy. This is achieved by offering a broad and accessible curriculum, utilising our purposeful learning environments, including outside spaces.
  • We celebrate our small school; ensuring every member of our school community is valued and they have a sense of belonging.
  • Our children will leave Colgate Primary having a curious and confident approach to learning, fully equipped for the next step of their education.
How will this be measured?
•Every child to know what success feels like and every child makes progress over their tenure at Colgate Primary School.
•We exceed the national average for Year 6 data – in reading, writing, and maths.
•Every member of our school community feels ownership of our school vision and values, they have a sense of belonging and are happy in their place within the school.
•Our ultimate ambition is for the school to be rated ‘’Outstanding ‘’ by Ofsted in 3-5 years