Welcome To Willow Class

Children will have their final year at Colgate in Willow Class and of course we want to make it full of lots of great learning and happy memories. Children have lots to look forward to this year - the residential, bikeability, music festival, end of year production and lots more. They will have more positions of responsibility in the school and we aim to prepare and equip them well for secondary school. 

This autumn term our theme is 'Being Different' where we will look at diversity and acceptance of our own abilities and those of others. We will also look at what can happen when people are not tolerant of others. Please see the learning overview for more details.
This term, we will of course be heading to Hindleap Warren for our exciting residential. Children will also have the chance to take part in bikeability: learning safe cycling on the road.
Here are the plans for SRE that will be taught this year:
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