Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Winn
Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Forrest

Apple Class Teachers - Mrs Champion and Mrs Burton
Maple Class Teachers - Mrs Forrest and Mrs Burton
Oak Class Teacher - Miss Knight
Cedar Class Teacher - Miss Pagden 
Willow Class Teacher - Miss Wilson
SENCo - Miss Wilson
Higher Level Teaching Assistants -  Miss Ross, Mrs George, Mrs Glassford, Mrs Hilder and Mrs Church

Apple Class Teaching Assistants - Mrs Glassford and Mrs Urganci
Maple Class Teaching Assistants - Mrs Hilder, Miss Ferris and Miss Iles
Oak Class Teaching Assistant - Miss Ross
Cedar Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs Church and Mrs Byrne
Willow Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs George
Learning Mentors - Miss Ross and Mrs George

School Business Manager - Miss Trish Fitzroy
Administration Assistant - Mrs Oakes 
Clerk to Governors - Mr O'Donnell

School Catering Manager - Mrs Sanders
Kitchen Assistant - Mrs Westman

Midday Supervisors:
Miss Ross
Mrs Hilder
Mrs Glassford
Mrs George
Miss Ferris
Mrs Byrne
Miss Iles