PSHE and RSE at Colgate
At Colgate, our PSHE and RSE lessons help our children to learn about life!
Our curriculum has three key drivers: Growth, Diversity and Community. Here's how PSHE and RSE are taught with these at the heart of the learning.
Personal, Social, Health, Relationship and Sex education lessons are those that support children to grow physically and emotionally. We want our children to understand their responsibility to keep themselves safe and to know how to do this. We want them to learn how to question their world and to make informed decisions for themselves. We want them to grow emotionally and physically in order to be ready for the next stage of their life.
PSHE and RSE lessons enable children to become respectful citizens in a diverse world. Exploring and understanding the different viewpoints and beliefs that exist around them, helps children to develop a supportive and inclusive approach to each other.

The children will develop their skills in relating to others and grow their understanding of team working. They will also develop their awareness of the part that they play in their local and global community; respecting and demonstrating how to live responsibly.