History at Colgate
Our Curriculum Intent

At Colgate, our children will become curious and inquisitive about the world around them. We want our children to develop the skills to enquire, reflect, debate, make judgements and evaluate historical evidence and events. The children will develop a chronological understanding of history throughout time and gain an understanding of how the past has influenced the present. Our children will learn how significant people and events have led to where we are today.


At Colgate, the children will be exposed to a range of significant individuals/events in the past and present. Our children, will gain an understanding of how history can influence their own and other people’s decisions, choices, attitudes and values. The children will understand how history has impacted on the world today and understand the roots of prejudice.  Through history, children will begin to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the relationships between different groups, the diversity of societies, as well as their own identity. Our children will learn about the challenges of their time and the future they may face.


At Colgate, children will gain an understanding of our local community, our wider community and how and why our world has developed over time. The children will be using sources to investigate the past, the children will use sources from our local community. Our children, will learn through first hand experiences within our community, our children will visit museums and engage with visitors. They will lean through their experiences with the community how to analyse sources, make judgements and reason. Children’s experiences with the local and wider community will bring history to life for the children.


Please note our curriculum colour, to support the children's learning in History is dark pink.