Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is an amount of money that a school receives based upon the number of children at that school that are eligible for Free School Meals, adopted from care, in full time care of the authority or are the children of members of the Services.

Pupil Premium has a number of aims:

  • to increase social mobility;
  • to enable more pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to get to the top Universities;
  • to reduce the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achieving nationally.

Simply spending more money on children, however, will not necessarily improve their learning or their aspirations. There is no direct link between spending money and outcomes for pupils. If the Pupil Premium is to succeed in achieving its ambitious goals, the choices that schools make in allocating the money will be vital so that the funding can help raise pupils' attainment and aspirations.

 (Department for Education)

At Colgate Primary School we strive to provide appropriate and effective support for all pupils. We carefully monitor the impact of support given to all pupils to ensure their success.