The Governing Body

The Governing Body
Governors are volunteers drawn from parents, staff and members of the community. They help oversee the running of the School and are proud of the staff and pupils and of their achievements.
Governors 'govern' rather than manage, and provide strategic direction by having a vision for the School, understanding its strengths and weaknesses, identifying targets and priorities, and monitoring progress towards achieving those aims. This work involves supporting the Headteacher and her team, offering constructive advice and other help where needed, but also challenging, asking questions and offering constructive criticism where appropriate.
Governors believe that schools have a unique ability to be a focal point in their local community and should be run in the interests of that community. Governors welcome the views of parents and others as to how the School’s value to the local community may be enhanced.
In practice, Governors undertake their duties in a number of ways:
  • The full Governing Body meets four times each year and at each meeting receives the Headteacher’s termly report.
  • Some of the Governing Body’s work is delegated to the Curriculum and Progress Committee and the Productivity and Resources Committee which also meet four times each year.
  • Individual Governors have particular responsibilities, including assignment to pupil year groups, making regular visits into school to monitor progress and report back to the Governing Body.
  • Governors attend school assemblies, as well as school productions, sports days and other events.
  • Governors hold meetings with the teaching staff each term and with parents/carers annually. 
  • Governors need a good understanding of their duties and the educational system.
  • A wide range of training opportunities is available to support Governors in their roles.
The Governors are always pleased to meet parents at school events, and in particular would be delighted to discuss the governor role with any parent considering volunteering as a parent governor.
The Minutes of the Governing Body are available for inspection on request at the School Office.