The Governing Body

The Governing Body
Governors are volunteers drawn from parents and staff at the School and from the local community.
Governors help oversee the running of the School. They provide strategic direction by understanding the School's strengths and weaknesses, identifying targets and priorities, and monitoring progress towards achieving those aims. This involves supporting the Headteacher and her team by offering constructive advice and support and asking questions and offering constructive criticism.
In practice, Governors undertake their duties in a number of ways:
  • The Governing Body meets four times annually.
  • Some of the Governing Body’s work is delegated to the Curriculum and Progress Committee and the Productivity and Resources Committee which also meet four times each year.
  • Governors are assigned to pupil year groups and make regular visits into school to monitor progress and report back to the Governing Body.
  • Governors attend school assemblies, school productions, sports days and other events.
  • Governors meet regularly with teaching staff and with parents/carers annually. 
  • Governors need a good understanding of their duties and the educational system.
  • A wide range of training opportunities is available to Governors.
The Governing Body at Colgate has 12 Governors. Additionally, Associate Members support the work of the Governing Body's committees. The Governing Body's Instrument of Government is attached.
The Minutes of the Governing Body are available for inspection on request at the School Office.