Intent Statement


At Colgate, we strive for all our children to have an inquisitive mind ready to ask and investigate questions. We aim to teach children enthusiastically and in a practical way so that they have a positive attitude towards science. We aspire for all children to leave year 6 having acquired solid science skills that will take them further in their learning.


Anyone can be a scientist and this is the message we want our children to leave with by enabling every child to succeed and through studying the achievements of a diverse range of scientists in the past and present. Science is a very broad subject that has lots of scope for future careers. Through our culture we wish to inspire our children to give them plenty of possibilities.


We want children at Colgate to understand the importance and roles of science in both local communities and the wider world. Sharing knowledge to others and learning from each other is a key part of how developments in science are made. We aim to give children these skills throughout their time at Colgate.

Please note that our curriculum colour for science, to support children's learning, is yellow.