Welcome to Cedar Class!
Autumn 2018 
'Ancient Mayans and The History of Chocolate'

This term all of our learning will link to the topic 'Ancient Mayans and The History of Chocolate.'


We will begin by working out who the Mayans were, where they were located and why they were important. We will learn about Mayan culture- including Mayan gods. After half term, we will move on to understanding how the Mayans discovered chocolate and the history of chocolate. In geography, we will look at where chocolate originates and how chocolate is different around the world. We will also learn about fair trade and the impact this has on countries and people.



In English we will write letters critiquing films, we will design web pages informing other children about Mayan culture. The children will spend time creating their own gods and writing stories about them. We will also create our own chocolate poems, explanation texts of how chocolate is made and persuasive texts based on chocolate.


 In November, we will be visiting the British Museum to learn more about the Ancient Maya. 



 We will continue to use 'seesaw' to show parents and carers our learning.