Hindleap Warren 2018
Year 6 have had an exciting first day at Hindleap Warren. We have settled into our rooms well and enjoyed our first visit to the tuck shop this evening. Everybody enjoyed getting wet and muddy this afternoon in our first activity, forest adventure. We look forward to what is in store tomorrow. 
Hindleap Warren - Day 2
We have had a very busy day at a warm and sunny Hindleap today. Mrs Winn joined the children on their adventures. The children spent the morning on different obstacles, including going through dark and wet tunnels. We also developed our team working skills in a variety of different team challenges in the forest. The children conquered different fears throughout the morning and this continued in the afternoon when we went climbing on the highest tower at Hindleap. Every child has challenged themselves throughout the day, conquering different fears but more importantly, we have seen a smile on everyone’s faces throughout the day. 
Hindleap Warren - Day 3
Year 6 continued their activities at Hindleap on Wednesday, enjoying time together whilst facing many different personal challenges and achievements. The day started with a pool canoe session and team challenges in the morning. Much fun was had by all! In the afternoon we explored the wildlife in the Ashdown Forest. We followed the tracks of different animals in the forest to find their habitats. The fresh air and the amount of physical activity so far this week meant that the children did not want to part with their beds this morning (Thursday). Orienteering in the forest and bushcraft await today, followed by an evening swim tonight.